A new vehicle GPS tracker with no monthly fee is conquering the automotive market, and insurers are outraged

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With the car theft increase in the last months, more and more drivers are looking for new ways to keep their car safe. Meet the tracker that is conquering the automotive market and making insurers go bankrupt.

If you bought or if you are planning to buy a car, you know that is a high-value investment. With the crime rate nowadays, you can’t risk putting such a valuable good on the streets without any kind of safety , right?

The insurance for cars, as you already know, only compensates you if your vehicle engages in any kind of accident. And most of drivers insurances are not covered against car theft due to its high costs.

And that’s why it’s been a while since the solution for these drivers without an insurance that covers theft is a tracker. However, a query in consumer protection websites reveals a huge list of complaints on the associated monthly fees and on not locating the robbed or stolen vehicle.

To fight crime and help drivers look for their cars, a company in Europe recently developed a tracker that promises to bring more safety to your vehicle, and better and easier tracking, without any associated costs.

What is it?

It’s called EzTracker , a cost-effective solution that can make a difference between a car lost forever and a quick recovery.

The main feature of EzTracker is that it shows you the real-time location of your car on your phone , wherever you and your vehicle are.

Unlike other trackers, the EzTracker installation is FREE and done by yourself, without any maintenance cost required. You take care of your own vehicle, you decide when you want to check its exact location, location history and much else.

Its size and autonomy made us amazed at how such a tiny device can be so efficient.

EzTracker has 3.5cm x 2cm in size, it’s super light and built with a shock-and-water-resistant plastic. If you choose well where to hide it, it will certainly never be found.

Another fantastic feature is that EzTracker can record 2 hours of voice. That is to say, if your car gets robbed, you can send a signal to EzTracker and it will start recording all the sound around.

How EzTracker works?

EzTracker allows you to precisely track your vehicle through GPS geographic coordinates that are transmitted to your phone. So, any time you wish to know the location of your vehicle, you only have to send a text to the SIM Card inserted on EzTracker, and you will receive a Google Maps link on your phone with the exact location of your auto.

Besides sending the exact location,EzTracker comes with a set of different codes to different pieces of information, such as location history, call and audio recording, police alert and much else.

Who uses it says it is an excellent option to track your vehicle. . Our journalist Jozé Soares only have compliments to the smart tracker:

“EzTracker is awesome! I can track the exact location of my car whenever I want. I only have to send a text and I instantly receive the exact coordinates of my car on my phone. All that without being associated with a paid service.”

Fantastic, right?

Check EzTracker in action on the video below

t this point, you might be asking yourself: what is the autonomy of EzTracker?

Unlike other trackers that charge high fees for maintenance, charging and other services,EzTracker offers it all for free and in your own way.EzTracker has the autonomy of up to 12 days when turned on.

This time of self-sufficiency varies depending on how much you use the device, because it is only active when you request information about it. To charge it, you only have to use the cable included in the box.

A fantastic gadget that will certainly help you protect your vehicle and save on insurance companies.

A device like EzTracker must be expensive.

What makes EzTracker a great device is its quality-price ratio. And let’s be honest, how much are you willing to pay to secure an investment so valuable to you, your car? This is your opportunity to protect your car for a slice of the price. EzTracker costs only49€ .

Where can I buy it?

Just visit the official website and order your EzTracker


Since the recent boom of EzTracker, the company is offering 50% discount + free shipping to all orders completed today. Guarantee your EzTracker Today – Keep your car safe!

Our conclusion

Many insurance companies request a GPS tracker in the insurance contract. The vehicle tracker in some cases can really reduce the insurance cost of the car, since it offers a higher guarantee of retrieving the vehicle, making the insurance company have better confidence in a profile that presents more probability of recovery. EzTracker was the most efficient and inexpensive solution that I found. It is with no doubt a device that every vehicle should have, I’m sure you will not regret.


Benefits of using EzTracker according to the reviews of other clients

  • Rafael: I like to feel peaceful knowing that my car is safe.
  • Kleber: Great tracker for who wants to secure their car.
  • Joelma: You never know when you’re going to use it. Sometimes a little investment can help a lot.
  • Romário: We use it on both cars of our place.
  • Fernando: I have used once after a theft. My car was found without belongings. It worked.
  • Ricardo: Easy to install and use. I recommend it.
  • Mike: A nice device to protect your vehicle.
  • Vando: Very useful and easy to use.
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